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ModUtils File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions: [code]Impements the FakeRoadSource interface instance [code]Implements the FakeVehPoseSource interface instance [code]Implements the LoggerRoadDest interface instance [code]Implements the logger RoadSource interface instance [code]Implements the LoggerVehPoseDest interface instance [code]Implements the logger VehPoseSource interface instance [code]Implements the OutputRoadSource interface instance
OutputRoadSource.h [code]Defines the OutputRoadSource class [code]Implements the OutputVehPoseSource interface instance
OutputVehPoseSource.h [code]Defines the OutputVehPoseSource class [code]Implements the PlayerRoadSource interface instance [code]Implements the PlayerVehPoseSource interface instance
RoadDest.h [code]API header file for for the RoadDest reconfigurable interface example [code]Implements the RoadLogger class
RoadLogger.h [code]Defines the RoadLogger class [code]Implements the RoadPlayer class
RoadPlayer.h [code]Defines the RoadPlayer class
RoadSource.h [code]API header file for for the RoadSource reconfigurable interface example
RoadStructs.h [code]Defines the structures for the road interface [code]Implements the logger RoadSource interface instance [code]Implements the shmemPublish VehPoseSource interface instance [code]Implements the ShmemRoadDest interface instance [code]Implements the ShmemRoadSource class [code]Implements the ShmemVehPoseDest interface instance [code]Implements the ShmemVehPoseSource class
VehPose.h [code]Defines VehPose, the common public structure for vehicle pose
VehPoseDest.h [code]API header file for for the VehPoseDest reconfigurable interface example [code]Implements the VehPoseLogger class
VehPoseLogger.h [code]Defines the VehPoseLogger class [code]Implements the VehPosePlayer class
VehPosePlayer.h [code]Defines the VehPosePlayer class [code]Implements common methods of VehPoseSource
VehPoseSource.h [code]API header file for for the VehPoseSource reconfigurable interface example
VehPoseStructs.h [code]Defines the structures for the vehicle pose interface

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