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VehPoseSource Class Reference
[Reconfigurable Interface Example: VehPose]

The VehPoseSource interface example. More...

#include <VehPoseSource.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~VehPoseSource ()
 Empty virtual destructor for VehPoseSource.
virtual bool getPose (utils::Time time, VehPose &pose)=0
 Get the vehicle pose at a given time.
virtual bool getCurPose (utils::Time &time, VehPose &pose, bool blocking=0)
 Get the current vehicle pose.

Static Public Member Functions

static void interpolate (const VehPose &prev_pose, const VehPose &next_pose, double t, VehPose &sensor_pose)
 Convenience routine for interpolating between and extrapolating sensor poses.
static const char * intfName ()
 Get the interface name.
static VehPoseSourcecreate (const char *spec, utils::SymbolTable *globals=(0L))
 Create interface from string if not in symbol table already, put in symbol table afterwards under intfName()+Intf.
static VehPoseSourcecreate (utils::ConfigFile &params, utils::SymbolTable *globals=(0L))
 Create interface from file if not in symbol table already, put in symbol table afterwards under intfName().
static VehPoseSourceinterface (const char *spec, utils::SymbolTable *globals=(0L))
 Create interface from string if not in symbol table already.
static VehPoseSourceinterface (utils::ConfigFile &params, utils::SymbolTable *globals=(0L))
 Create interface from params if not in symbol table already.
static VehPoseSourcegenerate (const char *spec, utils::SymbolTable *globals=(0L))
 Create interface from string.
static VehPoseSourcegenerate (utils::ConfigFile &params, utils::SymbolTable *globals=(0L))
 Create interface from a parameter file.
static VehPoseSourceGeneratorgenerator (utils::SymbolTable *globals)
 Get the interface generator.
static VehPoseSourcegetIntf (utils::SymbolTable *globals)
 Get the last result of create.
static void clear (utils::SymbolTable *globals)
 Clear the interface out of the symbol table.

Detailed Description

The VehPoseSource interface example.

An abstract interface to 3D road information given by an STL vector of 3D points

Definition at line 22 of file VehPoseSource.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual VehPoseSource::~VehPoseSource  )  [inline, virtual]

Empty virtual destructor for VehPoseSource.

For C++ syntax reasons, it is a good idea to explicitly define a virtual destructor, even if empty like this one, to any abstract class like this.

Definition at line 28 of file VehPoseSource.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool VehPoseSource::getCurPose utils::Time &  time,
VehPose pose,
bool  blocking = 0

Get the current vehicle pose.

Returns the latest vehicle pose along with the time at which it was collected. The call can be blocking, i.e., we block until the next unread vehicle pose is acquired, but it is usually polling, i.e., it returns immediately with the most recent vehicle pose

[out] time The time at which the road information was collected. (0 if the road is invalid)
[out] pose The vehicle pose
[in] blocking If true, then the call is blocking, if false, it is polling.
true if "new" data has been acquired successfully, false on an invalid read or if no new road data has been acquired since the last read. Note an invalid read can be verified by checking to see if time.isZero() is true.

Reimplemented in OutputVehPoseSource, PlayerVehPoseSource, and ShmemVehPoseSource.

Definition at line 10 of file

References getPose().

Referenced by OutputVehPoseSource::getCurPose().

virtual bool VehPoseSource::getPose utils::Time  time,
VehPose pose
[pure virtual]

Get the vehicle pose at a given time.

Returns the vehicle pose at the given time. The implementation will attempt to interpolate or extrapolate from known poses to get the pose at the desired time.

[in] time The time for which to get the vehicle pose.
[out] pose The resulting vehicle pose
true if the routine was able to obtain a vehicle pose at the desired time, false if not.

Implemented in FakeVehPoseSource, OutputVehPoseSource, PlayerVehPoseSource, and ShmemVehPoseSource.

Referenced by getCurPose(), and OutputVehPoseSource::getPose().

void VehPoseSource::interpolate const VehPose prev_pose,
const VehPose next_pose,
double  t,
VehPose sensor_pose

Convenience routine for interpolating between and extrapolating sensor poses.

Takes prev_pose and next_pose, and then interpolation factor t, where t=0 means prev_pose and t=1 means next_pose, and puts interpolated result in sensor_pose. If t > 1, then we do an extrapolation.

[in] prev_pose The beginning pose
[in] next_pose The end pose
[in] t The distance between the beginning and end pose to interpolate, with 0 being the beginning and 1 being the end
[out] sensor_pose The interpolated pose

Definition at line 16 of file

References VehPose::ori, and VehPose::pos.

Referenced by VehPosePlayer::getPose(), and ShmemVehPoseSource::interpolate().

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