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Magical Mystery Makefile Tour

We have packaged a variety of functions in to the same couplet of makefile fragments that you parameterize and extend to create modules, libraries, interfaces, and manage a hierarchical directory structure. The first fragment, installed as $UTILS_DIR/include/maketools/MakeDefs sets up some basic definitions, and the second, $UTILS_DIR/include/maketools/MakeTail actually takes the parameterizations you provide and fill out the various makefile functions. Caution: as is true with most sophisticated make systems, actually examining these fragments in detail might cause your head to explode.

Makefile Targets

The magical makefiles provide a set of standard targets:

General Parameters

The magical makefile system has a variety of parameters you can set which affect things across a wide variety usages.

Module Parameters

If you set the variable TARGET, then it is assumed you will be building an executable module. The following parameters then come into play:

Library Parameters

If you set the variables OBJS or EXTRA_OBJS to be lists of object files, these object files will be linked together into a dynamically loadable library named lib$(SRC_MODULE).so that will be installed into $(INSTALL_DIR)/lib

Interface Parameters

If you set the variable INTERFACE_DEST then it is assumed you will be building a reconfigurable interface.

In addition two macros are defined to help define rules for reconfigurable interface plug-ins

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